Skater XL adds Fermenter Plaza map and new gear

Skater XL players on PC and consoles can now download the community-created Fermenter Plaza map from the in-game Mod Browser.

The map was created by community member “Fermenter” and has been reworked by developer Easy Day Studios to ensure “that it loads quickly, fits within the system memory and plays smoothly on all platforms.” However, the developer notes that the map “stays true to the creator’s original vision.”

Fermenter Plaza features “big rails, technical ledge sections, transitions, skateable rooftops, and distinct sculptural elements.” Check it out in the trailer below:

Easy Day Studios has also made more than 100 new pieces of community-created gear available through the Mod Browser, including decks, wheels, and accessories.

Skater XL is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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