Report: Ubisoft to give us our next look at Skull and Bones in July

Ubisoft will finally peel back the curtain on its long-awaited pirate adventure Skull and Bones in the coming weeks, according to a recent report.

Tom Henderson, who recently said that Electronic Arts will reveal the new Skate in July, published a report stating that Ubisoft is about to do the same for Skull and Bones. Chalked up as a “re-reveal,” Henderson’s report claims that the reveal will include a release date and gameplay trailer. The reveal will supposedly take place the week of July 4th.

The game, which Ubisoft first revealed all the way back in 2017, changed course throughout its prolonged development, with a “new vision” for the game announced in 2020. Ubisoft previously stated that Skull and Bones will launch sometime before March 31st, 2023, the end of this current fiscal year.

However, recent news should encourage fans looking forward to the pirate game. Henderson states that Ubisoft has been conducting “major playtesting” since April.

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