PlayStation Plus free games for June revealed

Sony has unveiled the lineup of free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in June, and it’s an eclectic trio. Excitingly, two of the included titles are launching June 1st, meaning they’re free from day one.

First up, on PlayStation 5, is Operation: Tango. This co-op spy game puts one player in the role of agent and the other in the role of hacker. You’ll need to work together to solve missions in a world that feels very much inspired by ’60s-era James Bond. As is now par for the course, you’ll need a PS5 to claim this game, and you’ll only get a license for the PS5 version, even though the game also launches on PS4 June 1st. Still, the game does support cross-gen play, so you’ll still be able to play with anyone who buys the game on last gen with your free copy.

Next up is Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, the PS4-exclusive remaster. Not only does this game launch the same day it hits PS Plus, but we also only just learned about its existence this week. This new release brings back the arcade fighting game with updated graphics running on the Yakuza and Judgment engine.

Rounding things out is the only game that’s not launching in June, but it’s a biggie. Members will be able to pick up Star Wars Squadrons, the space combat sim set in a galaxy far, far away. The spiritual successor to the Rogue Squadron series puts players in the role of both Rebel Alliance and Empire pilots, with a full single-player campaign and online multiplayer modes.

Both Squadrons and Operation: Tango will be available to for PS Plus members to download until July 5th, while Ultimate Showdown will stick around a bit longer. You’ll have until August 2nd to grab that.

For more details and trailers of all three games, you can check out the PlayStation Blog post.

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