Play The Division 2 free trial to earn Rainbow Six Siege items

Ubisoft has announced a free trial for The Division 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The trial grants players eight hours of access to the game and allows them to progress through the story and play co-op up to level 8. All progress made during the trial can be carried over to the full game.

The publisher notes that any time spent in previous free weekends will count toward the eight-hour limit and characters over the level 8 cap will be inaccessible in the trial.

As an added bonus, all players who play the trial, or already own the game, can earn The Division 2 Set for Ela in Rainbow Six Siege and the Impromptu weapon skin for their The Division 2 character. The set includes the Division Agent uniform and headgear, Division Watch charm, and a Division weapon skin for the Scorpion EVO3 A1.

In other news, Title Update 9 was released for The Division 2 yesterday. This latest major update made several balance changes to weapons and talents and introduced the Exotic Reconfiguration system.

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