Pikmin 4: Get Along, Little Doggie

It’s hard to decide what the most exciting addition to Pikmin 4 is, but if you’re asking what the cutest new feature is, there’s quite obviously only one correct, and very fuzzy, answer: Oatchi the Rescue Pup.

“Early on in the game, you are introduced to Oatchi, who serves as your adorable space pup companion throughout the game,” explained Bill Trinen of Nintendo Treehouse. “Aside from just being a very good boy, Oatchi can jump up small ledges and traverse the landscape faster if you hop on his back. Eventually, you can also teach him new techniques to give you a leg up during your exploration and battles.”

Part of the fun of Pikmin 4 will be in discovering how Oatchi’s abilities can be used in conjunction with the Pikmin to accomplish your objectives in new, different, and sometimes more efficient ways. “He complements what the Pikmin can do—he can carry them to navigate areas faster, he can break objects, he can help carry items, and more,” Trinen said.

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