People Can Fly now restoring lost Outriders items

People Can Fly has started the inventory restoration for Outriders players who lost items or were locked out of their character.

The first batch of players in the restoration is those who encountered a full wipe of their character or were locked out of their character due to a server error. Players in this group will get all items that were equipped at the time of the wipe restored, all legendary items in their inventory at the time restored, 20 items of a non-legendary rarity prioritized based on rarity restored, and all completed accolades restored.

“Please keep in mind that we may not able to restore every single lost item with 100% accuracy, but we are doing our best to make sure the most valuable items are accounted for,” the developer added.

The second group covers any players who lost a legendary item due to issues up to April 20th. These players will receive 20 god-rolled legendary items that were in their inventory. However, People Can Fly notes that some players who didn’t actually lose items may find some legendary items in their inventory.

“As we are unable to conclusively distinguish Group B from Group C players, both Group B and Group C will benefit from the Restoration,” the developer explained. “Therefore, even if you did NOT encounter an inventory wipe, you may well receive up to 20 God Rolled Legendary Items that you may have previously lost to a bug or sold to a vendor (Dismantled items will not be restored as our analytics are able to conclusively prove that they were not lost to the bug).”

People Can Fly notes that these items can be freely sold, scrapped, or used.

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