Outriders Worldslayer expansion includes a new campaign, the Ascension system, more

Square Enix and People Can Fly have unveiled Worldslayer, a massive expansion for looter shooter Outriders.

The upcoming expansion introduces a new standalone campaign that does not require players to have played through the main campaign to jump in. Players will be venturing to new locations, such as Glacier’s Edge and Driftwater, as they deal with Ereshkigal, an Altered and the first commander of a new human faction called the Insurgents. Of course, new areas also mean new enemies to fight and new armors and weapons to collect.

Worldslayer also introduces two new progression systems to the game: PAX Class Trees and Ascension. The PAX Tree is a new class tree that is separate from the three original branches and requires PAX Points to activate the nodes within it, which are acquired at certain points in Worldslayer. The PAX Tree unlocks at level 30 upon starting the expansion and features two branches that are interlinked.

While the Ascension system offers players long-term progression, which developer People Can Fly claims will take “hundred+ hours to fully complete it.” After reaching level 30, any XP earned will go toward Ascension levels and provide Ascension Points. These points are spent in four Ascension categories (Brutality, Endurance, Prowess, or Anomaly), each with five options in them. Each option can be upgraded with 10 points for a total of 200 Ascension Points.

Finally, Worldslayer adds Apocolypse Tiers as a replacement for Challenge Tiers. Apocolypse Tiers determine the difficulty and reward scaling of Expeditions and all Worldslayer content (campaign and endgame) and go up to Tier 40. Using this system, players can obtain up to level 75 gear at Tier 40 and have a chance to drop Apocolypse Gear, which has three mod slots.

New players can pick up Outriders Worldslayer for $59.99 on June 30th and get access to both the base game and expansion, while current players can purchase an upgrade for $39.99.

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