One to Play – WarioWare: Move It!

RELEASE: 11.03.2023
ESRB: E10+

ESRB CONTENT DESCRIPTORS: Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence
Like previous games in the series, WarioWare: Move It! is full of super short but super clever microgames. More than 200, to be exact. You’ll have to move your Joy-Con controllers—and your whole body—according to on-screen commands in order to complete each quick challenge. Maybe you have to lasso an alpaca, wiggle to escape being tied up, clean your turtle shell with a towel, or use one Joy-Con controller as your beak and another as your tail feather to be the early bird who catches the worm. In the game’s story mode, which you can play solo or co-op, you have to help Wario escape the Woods Watchers by, well, playing a series of microgames. Or, if you’re more of a party person, Party Mode lets you and up to three friends enjoy a series of microgames in an on-screen board game.

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