No new Battlefield in 2020, EA confirms

EA revealed during its latest earnings call that the next Battlefield game will not be released in 2020.

During the call (via Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed), CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the next entry in the series will arrive in fiscal year 2022. This means that we won’t be seeing a new Battlefield game until at least April 2021.

Current Battlefield entry, Battlefield V, was released in 2018 and is due to receive its Chapter 5 content update, titled War in the Pacific, on October 31st. This major update includes two new factions, reimagined versions of two classic maps, new weapons, elite skins, and more.

EA also mentioned that Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends will fill the gap left by Battlefield. The game recently reached 70 million players worldwide and received its third season of content earlier this month, which included a new map, weapon, and hero.

Battlefield V is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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