New Watch Dogs Legion screenshots have leaked

If you can’t wait a few more days for Ubisoft Forward to see more Watch Dogs Legion gameplay, then you’ll be happy to hear that several blurry images of the game have leaked.

The leaked images come from a Reddit user who posted several screens to r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. The Reddit user claims that the images “have been leaked via Chinese Media”—whatever that means—but they do look legitimate based on our previous experience with the game.

Watch Dogs Legion is famously letting players recruit any NPC they come in contact with for their unique team of Dedsec operatives, and the new screens show off a few new character types. One of them is a police officer whose uniform allows her to access to police stations, making her a valuable asset for breaking other team members out of jail. Another is a spy that comes equipped with a watch that disables enemy weapons, a car that has missiles and a cloaking device, and a silenced pistol. Our favorite is the football hooligan whose special ability is “Rally Cry,” which calls in a bunch of hooligan friends to start a fight and cause a distraction.

And that’s about all that’s revealed in the screens so far, besides some improved lighting. Fortunately, we’re going to get to see Watch Dogs Legion in action on July 12th during Ubisoft Forward, alongside more gameplay from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and potentially a rumored Far Cry 6. Hopefully, that’s when Watch Dogs will finally get a new release date after it was delayed out of March. If you missed out on the last Watch Dogs, Ubisoft is giving it away for PC during Forward, so tune in to snag that as well.

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