New Legend Rampart gets the endorsement in Apex Legends’ latest story trailer

Season 6 of Apex Legends is almost here, and as we gear up for the next chapter of Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter, the team has given us a better look at our next Legend.

“While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits,” reads the video’s description. “But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she’s upgraded…”

There’s still a number of questions surrounding Rampart and what her skill set will be. In the previously-released Season 6 trailer, as well as here, we see Ramya using a mounted minigun, which could possibly be either one of her abilities or her ultimate. But, we also see multiple instances of what seems to be the A-wall from Titanfall 2—a special energy shield that amplifies any projectiles shot through it from the defensive side—which could also be related to her abilities. And then, there’s also been talk of a character that can upgrade her teammate’s weapons, and the official Apex Legends website lists Rampart as an “expert modder.”

Thankfully, we don’t have too long to wait to find out which of those will be correct, as Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted hits August 18th.

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