Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond gets an extended story trailer

Respawn Entertainment recently debuted a new single-player campaign trailer for its Oculus-exclusive Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and it looks awesome.

The new trailer gives an extended look at the kinds of settings and setpieces that the VR World War II shooter will offer when it launches this holiday season. Fighting in the war-torn streets of France, storming the beaches of Normandy, and skiing down a snow-covered mountain while avoiding Nazi fire are all on display in the action-packed trailer.

While the trailer shows that the game is compatible with both the Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest, it’s important to note (as UploadVR points out) that the Quest will need to be hooked up to a compatible PC in order for it to be able to run the game.

The game not only features explosive moments of action, but it sounds like Respawn has put considerable effort into making a compelling and expansive story. According to Respawn, the narrative team “shot over 120 pages of performance capture for the game. That’s an entire movie’s worth of narrative performance supplementing the gameplay and rounding out the story.”

You’ll be playing Above and Beyond through the eyes of an OSS combat engineer who’s tasked with infiltrating enemy lines and sabotaging their war efforts. This means you’ll be taking on missions in Tunisia and across Europe, including inside a U-Boat as well as through a factory where Nazis are building V-2 rockets.

While the trailer provides a pretty expansive preview of the single-player campaign, Respawn has yet to reveal much about the multiplayer or how that will work. Since Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is launching this holiday season, we’re hoping to see some multiplayer footage soon.

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