Lords of the Fallen: Till Death Do You (Not) Part

Back in the early days of the Souls series, players could enlist the help of friends and strangers online when in need of a bit of assistance. As time went on, developers have put more effort into expanding the scope and methods for players to work together in such games.

Now, in Lords of the Fallen, developer Hexworks has built the entire game to be playable cooperatively.

“Effortless co-op was one of the first things we put on paper three years ago,” explained creative director Cezar Virtosu. “We felt it was sorely needed, especially in these lands of horror—it is much more enjoyable to gasp at an in-game locale or apparition alongside someone else, sharing that moment of discovery before ultimately suffering together.”

At any time, the host can invite one other player into their game, no matter if they’re a friend or a total stranger looking for some jolly cooperation. If the guest dies, they aren’t sent back to their world. Instead, the host can resurrect them the next chance they get. The host will also make all important decisions, such as when to switch between the worlds of Axiom and Umbral—but guests will get to keep any spoils they’ve found when returning home.

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