Life is Strange: True Colors’ Wavelengths prequel DLC is now available

Life is Strange: True Colors players can now become local DJ Steph in the Wavelengths DLC.

This new DLC acts as a prequel to True Colors and will cover what happened to Steph in the year before Alex arrived in Haven Springs. Players will follow Steph’s story over four seasons as she becomes the host for KRCT, Haven Springs’ only radio station. 

Spin records in the booth, give advice to callers, run a tabletop RPG, and swipe left or right on Steph’s dating app matches.

“It seemed like such an obvious route to create a DLC around such a beloved character, but it was truly important to us to do it justice. We know Steph is an important character for many people, and we wanted to further that by allowing players access to her inner monologue, emotions, and internal conflicts,” Mallory Littleton, senior narrative designer at Deck Nine, said. “This DLC is very much a love letter, not only to Steph, but to our community and those who find so much of themselves in this character.”

Wavelengths is available now for owners of Life is Strange: True Colors‘ Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, or through the Deluxe Upgrade.

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