Life is Strange: Remastered Collection trailers focus on Before the Storm

Square Enix and Deck Nine have shared another couple of trailers for the upcoming Life is Strange: Remastered Collection.

After focusing on the original Life is Strange earlier this week this latest batch of trailers shifts to its prequel Before the Storm. In the first trailer we get a comparison between the original release and the remaster, while the second offers a look at some gameplay from the remaster.

The Remastered Collection bundles together Life is Strange and Before the Storm and features improvements to character models and environments, refinements to puzzles, engine and lighting upgrades, and full facial mocap for the original Life is Strange. In addition to these improvements, the collection includes the extra outfits for Chloe and the ‘Farewell’ Bonus Episode for Before the Storm.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection launches February 1st for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The collection is also coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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