Is God of War: Ragnarok a PS5 exclusive? Who knows?

When Sony announced the first wave of PlayStation 5 games, the company neglected to mention that a few, like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, would also come to PlayStation 4. Fans have been wondering if the recently teased God of War: Ragnarok would be similarly cross-gen.

Well, a new interview Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan that question directly—though the answer may not satisfy your curiosity.

When prompted by The Telegraph to confirm whether Kratos’ next adventure would be a PS5 exclusive, Ryan gave a non-answer.

“Sorry. I’ve got nothing to say about that today,” he said.

Does that mean Ragnarok isn’t a next-gen exclusive, but Sony doesn’t want to say so because it might take away from holiday sales of its new console? Is Sony Santa Monica trying to get it on PlayStation 4, but isn’t yet sure if the game will work on that platform? Is it a simple matter of not addressing something before the marketing department says it’s okay to? Does Jim Ryan just love making us suffer?

When it comes to all of those questions, your guess, for the moment, is just as good as ours.

God of War: Ragnarok, if that does end up being its final title, is due out next year on PlayStation 5. And maybe PlayStation 4.

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