Horizon Forbidden West State of Play showcases 14 minutes of nonstop gameplay

Guerilla Games and PlayStation showcased 14 minutes of gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West in the most recent State of Play presentation, but we still don’t know the game’s release date.

The demo showed Aloy in a bunch of different gameplay scenarios, including stealthily sneaking through a jungle and slipping past some machines underwater, to full-blown fisticuffs and an explosive showdown with a gigantic Tremortusk.

We also got more details about the Forbidden West itself and the threats that Aloy will face there. Not only are there new types of machines for her to deal with, but a rebel tribe of humans has figured out how to hack machines and use them to their benefit.

However, Aloy can also use this tech to her advantage, as one of her new methods of travel is hijacking certain machines and using them as mounts. This is just one of the secrets that Aloy will discover throughout her journey on her quest to stop the Blight, a deadly storm that’s nearing closer every day.

You can check out the full gameplay demo below. Unfortunately, Guerilla Games still hasn’t publicized a specific release date. The only launch window we’ve gotten so far is 2021, though we expect it will be a big holiday title for Sony.

What’s notable is that the State of Play specifically focuses on the PlayStation 5 version of the game, but another gameplay trailer that Guerilla posted today mentions the PlayStation 4, too.

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