Horizon Forbidden West cinematics trailer sure is pretty

With just a week until Horizon Forbidden West launches on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, developer Guerilla Games has released a new trailer showcasing the dangers and beauty of Aloy’s next destination.

While the trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, it sure is pretty. Plus, we can probably gather a few new bits of intel from the actions that Aloy is performing. We already knew that swimming will play a pretty big role in Forbidden West, but the end of the trailer appears to hint that there will be flying creatures that players can ride, at least in certain parts of the map. Cool if true.

The most notable aspect of the trailer is really all the biomes that Aloy visits in Forbidden West. Just like the present-day, permitted west, there are beaches, snow-capped mountains, and poisonous clouds, i.e. smog.

While most of the marketing materials for the game have either been running on PS5 or pre-redendered, Guerilla Games recently showed it running on a humble PS4, even if the video clip is only 22 seconds long. The developer also detailed the game’s accessibility features, including a co-pilot system that lets two players switch off on controlling Aloy.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18th for PS5 and PS4.

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