Horizon Forbidden West accessibility features detailed

Guerrilla Games has gone over the various accessibility options that will be available to players in Horizon Forbidden West when it releases later this month.

To start with, players will be able to select the size of subtitles in the game and also choose a background to help make them more visible. There are also options for Auto Sprint, Auto Heal (when below 50% health), and Auto Shieldwing, which deploys when players fall from great heights.

In addition to the above, Forbidden West contains a number of options when it comes to difficulty. As well choices between Story Mode and Very Hard difficulties, the game features a custom difficulty setting that allows players to adjust the damage that Aloy deals and receives to/from enemies. Sticking with difficulty, the game features a new Easy Loot System, which makes it so rare attached components will appear in a defeated machine’s inventory even if they weren’t detached before it was killed.

In terms of controller options, there is left-handed support, fully remappable gameplay controls, optional motion controls, and a co-pilot system, which “grants a second PlayStation controller with mirrored controls access to the game,” according to principal designer Brian Roberts.

“Early on in the game’s development, we established that we wanted to bring the game to as many fans as possible and create an immersive and accessible experience that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Roberts explained. “Some of these return from Horizon Zero Dawn, and some are newly added as we’ve continued to learn and understand more about the needs of our players.”

Horizon Forbidden West launches February 18th for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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