Here’s when Sephiroth joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

During last week’s Game Awards, Nintendo revealed that the next DLC fighter headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is none other than the One-Winged Angel himself, Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth. Now, we know when players can get their hands on him—and there’s a bit of a twist.

While the official release date for Challenger Pack 8—including Sephiroth, a new stage based on FFVII‘s Northern Cave, and 9 new music tracks—is December 22nd, there’s a way to skip the line. If you pre-order the pack (or if you already own the Fighters Pass Vol. 2), you can gain early access by besting the Sephiroth Challenge, a special boss battle, in-game. Doing so will let you experience all of the Challenger Pack 8 content ahead of its official release.

Nintendo also released a whopping 40-minute video showing Sephiroth in action.

The same day Challenger Pack 8 hits, Nintendo will also release a new set of Mii Fighter costumes and accessories. From Final Fantasy VII, players can dress up their Mii Fighters as Barret (Gunner), Tifa (Brawler), or Aerith (Swordfighter). They’ll also be able to equip a Chocobo hat.

But it’s the fourth new costume that’s likely to turn heads. After a long campaign by fans to get him added to the game, Super Mario RPG‘s Geno is arriving as a Mii Fighter outfit. This may disappoint those who wanted to see the character as a full-fledged fighter, but at least he’s appearing in Ultimate in some form.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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