Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation 4 this week

Sony has revealed the full lineup of games that will be launching on PlayStation 4 this week.

This week sees the arrival of IllFonic’s asymmetrical shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds. The game places four players in the role of elite Fireteam soldiers and tasks them with completing missions, while a fifth player becomes the Predator and must take them all out.

Also launching on April 24th is Trials of Mana. This remake of the third entry in the Mana series features 3D graphics, an updated battle system, character voiceover support, a remastered soundtrack, and more.

Other games arriving this week include MotoGP 20, sci-fi thriller Deliver Us The Moon, and side-scrolling collection Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack.

A full list of upcoming releases can be found below:

April 21st

  • Guard Duty
  • Help Will Come Tomorrow
  • Obey Me
  • Super Dodge Ball
  • Wonder Blade  

April 23rd

  • Aces of the Multiverse
  • MotoGP 20

April 24th

  • Azure Strikers Gunvolt: Striker Pack
  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • Spuds Unearthed
  • Trials of Mana

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