Here’s what the map from the Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer might look like

Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson is back, and this time he’s drawn up a sketch of what the map from the next game’s reveal trailer will look like.

According to Henderson’s sketch of what is presumably a frame from the trailer, the reveal trailer’s map—which is expected to debut sometime in May ahead of EA Play Live in June—is set on a peninsula or island and will showcase a rocket takeoff and a massive storm rolling in.

Other notable features include a large building, several V-22 Osprey-style planes, a cliffside that overlooks a sandy beach, and what appears to be a mountainous ridge in the middle of the map.

Henderson clarified that this map isn’t related to Battlefield 2021’s rumored battle royale component but is part of the game’s standard multiplayer and will showcase “gameplay shot cinematically.” The leaker later doubled-down on the veracity of this image, stating that he “genuinely [has] nothing to gain by lying…. I didn’t build a reputation for [Call of Duty] leaks over 8 years for it then to be ripped away in 1 minute and 35 seconds,” assumedly referring to the trailer’s runtime.

While many of Henderson’s previous leaks—like that Battlefield 2021 will return the series to a modern setting and feature a 128-player mode—could be considered educated guesses based on statements that publisher EA and developer DICE have made in the past, this drawing is incredibly specific. In other words, if this is a prediction, it’s a bold one.

The only confirmed information that we have from EA and DICE is that the next Battlefield is still on track to launch this holiday season for PC and next-gen consoles, at least. EA has yet to confirm that the game will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, though Henderson previously stated that DICE or one of the other studios working on the game are scaling it down for a previous-gen version. EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated during the publisher’s most recent investors call that the game will feature a “never-before-seen scale” and that “hands-on play testing [is] underway internally.”

Image: Battlefield 4, Electronic Arts

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