Grounded outlines next-gen improvements on Xbox Series X/S

Obsidian Entertainment has announced the improvements coming to the studio’s survival game, Grounded, on Xbox Series X and Series S.

The next-gen enhancements, as outlined in a new post on the Xbox Wire, are fairly in line with what you might expect. First, the game will target a frame rate of 60 FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S. You can also expect improved load times, HDR support, and higher-fidelity graphics. On Series X, the game will also support 4K resolution.

If you’re out of the loop, Grounded is a survival game with a similar premise to the classic kids movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. After shrinking down to the size of an ant, your character must survive in a backyard full of dangers like bees and spiders. The game is playable both solo and in co-op for up to four players.

Grounded is currently available on Xbox One through the Xbox Game Preview program and as part of the Xbox Game Pass library. It’s also available on Windows PC via the Windows 10 Store and Steam Early Access.

The Xbox Series X and Series S launch November 10th, with a recently revealed launch lineup of 30 games.

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