Get some free items in Fallout 76 for a limited time

Bethesda is ringing in the new year by offering a couple of free items and discounting others in Fallout 76.

Until January 7th, players who missed out on any of the posters offered during the Wild Appalachia event last year can head to the shop and pick them up for free. The Nukashine Party Poster, Nukashine Party Poster, and Pioneer Scouts Poster can be placed in the C.A.M.P. to start their associated quest lines.

In addition to these free items, there are a few new additions to the store, including the Lion Dancer Outfit (800 Atoms), Gala Tuxedo (800 Atoms), New Year’s Mr. Fuzzy Plushie (300 Atoms), and the Shogatsu Bundle (700 Atoms), which includes the Kagami Mochi and Kadomatsu.

Finally, Bethesda has discounted a number of items that it will be removing from the store and placing in the Vault on January 7th. A full list of soon-to-be-removed items can be found below:

  • Pristine Moe the Mole Outfit – 640 Atoms
  • Fancy Bar Set – 560 Atoms
  • Mr. Fuzzy Ride – 400 Atoms
  • Stainless Steel Refrigerator – 420 Atoms
  • First Responders Shotgun Paint – 300 Atoms
  • Theremin – 300 Atoms
  • Stripes Wallpaper – 180 Atoms
  • Camouflage Combat Armor Paint – 360 Atoms
  • Heart Photomode Pose – 150 Atoms

Finally, Fallout 76 players will be able to earn double XP from January 9th through January 13th.

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