Genshin Impact’s Hypostatic Symphony event gets underway

The Hypostatic Symphony event is now live in Genshin Impact until January 31st, developer miHoYo has announced.

Each day of the event, a new challenge will be unlocked that will see players taking on a new Hypostasis boss in either single-player or co-op to earn as high a score as possible. Players can also increase their score by adding Variations to each fight that will increase the difficulty.

As for rewards, players will receive Primogems for the first clear of each challenge on any difficulty level. Additionally, Mora, experience, and more can be obtained by reaching score goals.

“During the event period, you can repeat challenge stages to improve your high score. Your total score is the sum of your current highest scores across all challenges. Reach score targets to claim rewards,” the developer adds. “(Example: A Traveler scores 600 points in Violet Lightning Concerto I and 1,200 points in Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I. The Traveler attempts Violet Lightning Concerto I again, this time scoring 500 points. The Traveler’s total score is still 600 + 1,200 = 1,800.)”

Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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