Genshin Impact trailer introduces Thoma

A new trailer has been released for Genshin Impact that shows upcoming character Thoma in action.

Thoma is a four-star polearm user who is the housekeeper for the Kamisato Clan and is in charge of cooking and cleaning. His talents include Blazing Blessing, which sees Thoma deliver a flame-filled kick that deals AoE pyro damage and creates a barrier that protects from damage, and Crimson Ooyoroi, a spinning attack that also deals AoE pyro damage and grants Scorching Ooyoroi. While under the effects of Scorching Ooyoroi, normal attacks deal AoE damage and summon a barrier.

Thoma arrives in the game tomorrow, November 2nd, as part of the returning Hu Tao banner alongside Diona and Sayu.

Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile.

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