Gears of War dev The Coalition shows off what it can do in Unreal Engine 5

As part of Epic’s big Unreal Engine 5 showcase, State of Unreal, Gears of War developer The Coalition debuted a new tech demo showing what its artists and engineers can accomplish in the new engine. And from the looks of things, it’s quite a bit.

The video, coming in at just under two minutes, is divided into smaller sections, offering a look at character rendering, open-world environments, and a cinematic test. Much of the demo, if not all of it, is running in real-time on an Xbox Series X console, so this may well be a solid indicator of what UE5 console games will look like soon enough.

Check it out for yourself:

It’s important to note that none of what’s on display in the demo reflects an actual game The Coalition has in development, as noted in an accompanying blog post. It’s purely a tech demo.

Still, as of today, we do know one specific game that will be coming to Unreal Engine 5: a new Tomb Raider.

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