Games with Gold for October 2022 announced, kicking off a new era

Microsoft has announced the games that will be available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers during the month of October—the first batch of titles in the post-360 era.

Given that major change, and the simple fact that members are getting fewer games moving forward, you’d think this first month of the new era would focus on quality over quantity. You’d think.

The two games available for Gold subscribers to claim are Windbound, a 2020 survival game with a big emphasis on sailing, and Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition, a 2018 strategy game where you manage a squad on a bomber plane. Both titles are playable on both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

I mean, I’d say that Games with Gold and PS Plus are having a mid-off, but that might be too generous.

Windbound will be available from October 1st through 31st, while Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition is yours to nab from October 16th through November 15th. And remember, there’s still time to nab September’s Games with Gold, too.

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