Fleet Carriers arrive in Elite Dangerous

Following two beta phases, Elite Dangerous players on all platforms can now purchase their own Fleet Carrier.

These massive ships feature 16 landing pads and have a 500-light-year jump range, making them perfect for deep-space exploration with a squadron. Each Fleet Carrier comes equipped with a range of services and customization options, including Universal Cartographers and Outfitting, and a Redemption Officer. As an added bonus, owners will receive extra when visiting Commanders use these services to sell bonds, buy modules, and more.

Developer Frontier Developments notes that Fleet Carrier owners have full control regarding who has permission to come on-board. Watch the official launch trailer below:

In other news, Frontier recently unveiled Odyssey, a huge expansion for Elite Dangerous that is due to release in early 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The expansion will allow players to touch down and explore numerous new planets from a “feet-on-the-ground perspective.”

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