First look at Vietnam in Civilization VI

Following the announcement of the Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC yesterday, Firaxis Games has shared a first look at the new civilization.

Vietnam is led by Bà Triệu, also known as Triệu Thị Trinh or Lady Triệu, who fought against the occupation of northern Vietnam in the early 200s AD. Bà Triệu’s unique ability provides additional combat strength to units fighting in rainforest, marsh, or wood. Additionally, rainforest, marsh, and wood tiles provide additional movement to units.

This latest civilization also has access to the Voi Chiến, a unique medieval era unit that replaces the Crossbowman. This unit can move after attacking, has additional movement, and is stronger when defending than the Crossbowman.

Finally, Vietnam can build a unique district called the Thanh. This district offers additional culture for each adjacent district and generates tourism equal to culture once flight has been researched. The Thanh replaces the Encampment and is cheaper to build.

Civilization VI’s Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC launches January 28th on PC and consoles for owners of the New Frontier Pass.

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