First Class Trouble DLC adds new winter attire for characters

Fresh off the release of the Ski Resort map last month, First Class Trouble developer Invisible Walls has released some new winter-themed cosmetics.

The Keep Warm Pack contains winter clothing to go with the new map including ski goggles, ski outfits, snow shoes, and more. A complete list of everything contained in the DLC can be found below:

  • Regular Ski goggles
  • Golden Ski goggles
  • Red Ski outfit
  • Black Ski outfit
  • Large Warm Coat
  • Warm Blue Hat
  • Fullbody Skiing Suit
  • Warm Cocoa Hat
  • White Snow Shoes
  • Blue Snow Shoes
  • Gold Snow Shoes
  • Striped Ushanka
  • Racoon Hat
  • Vruumba with beer tray
  • Snow Vruumba Trail Effect

“The Indoor Ski Resort Map was our most successful addition to the game to date in terms of content and player engagement, players loved the activities we introduced last month including the devious ways personoids could take out other players,” Niels Wetteberg, CEO of developer Invisible Walls, said. “In terms of area size and scope it was also our largest map, so introducing some new character content seemed appropriate given its popularity”

First Class Trouble is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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