First Class Trouble adds new indoor Ski Resort map

Versus Evil and Invisible Walls have released a new update for their social deduction game First Class Trouble that introduces a new map.

The indoor Ski Resort is the fourth area added to the game in 2021 and features apartments, bars, and other activities. The Ski Resort also introduces huge snow blowers activated by Personoids that can lay down enough snow to cover a body. Additionally, players should be on the lookout for huge rolling snowballs and dangerous icicles.

Players can also find the Rum Soaked Tiramisu as a new pickup item. Developer Invisible Walls teases that this new item shouldn’t be thrown into a fire that another player is trying to extinguish.

“The studio team has been busy with the launch of 1.0, but we love to create stuff. The holidays are nearing and we are so happy that we were able to introduce the indoor Ski Resort in time for everyone to enjoy,” Niels Wetterberg, CEO of Invisible Walls, said. “Everyone at Invisible Walls & Versus Evil wish you a ‘Glædelig Jul’ as we say in Denmark!”

First Class Trouble is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

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