Final Fantasy XVI won’t be showing up at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy XVI is skipping this year’s Tokyo Game Show, according to recent comments from Naoki Yoshida.

During a recent two-day stream for Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida spoke with an off-screen Yoko Taro about fans’ expectations. Specifically, fans were expecting to see the new Final Fantasy at this year’s E3 despite the fact that Square Enix didn’t include it on the line-up. Yoshida took that moment to state “definitively” that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be at TGS 2021, as seen in a translated video on Twitter (via Siliconera).

In fact, it might be a while until we see anything else about Final Fantasy XVI besides last year’s initial reveal trailer. Yoshida said that he doesn’t like when tidbits of information are released about games to string players along. Instead, he wants players to be able to play something after a big reveal, whether it’s a demo or a complete game.

Still, Yoshida’s Creative Business Unit III team is making progress on the game. It sounds like the script for the main plot is finished, and the team is almost already done recording the English voice lines.

Final Fantasy XVI is launching for PlayStation 5.

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