Fashion Dreamer preview

Back in Fashion

Through its nearly 135 years of existence, Nintendo has garnered worldwide fame thanks to blockbuster brands such as Mario, The Legends of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and many others. However, while the company has plenty of franchises that have sold tens of millions of copies, it also releases a wide variety of smaller, more niche titles that offer something a bit different from the norm.

One such series is Style Savvy, a line of games that delve into the wide world of fashion that started back on the Nintendo DS. While the original game would see three sequels on the 3DS, fans who have been waiting for the franchise to hit the Switch have found nothing but empty racks.

Enter Fashion Dreamer. Although XSEED Games’ new release isn’t officially part of the Style Savvy series, it does look to give players a lot of the same experiences while also taking those ideas into some new territory—and it comes from the same development team, Syn Sophia.

Players start by using Fashion Dreamer’s detailed character editor to create a Muse, the avatar they’ll control throughout the rest of the game. From there, it’ll take both smarts and style to make it to the top of the fashion industry. A game centered around clothing would be nothing with those clothes, and building on its work from the Style Savvy games, the team has included over a thousand patterns and over 1400 customizable items you can use to bring together that perfect look.

Fashion Dreamer‘s world is divided up into four areas called Cocoons.

Fashion Dreamer promises a lot of depth for those who simply enjoy virtually trying on a vast closet full of possibilities, but it’s how you show off your talent for coordination that’ll propel you through the rest of the game. As goes the modern world, one of your main goals is to become a top influencer, with your flair and knack for original outfits potentially leading you to becoming the ultimate trendsetter. However, should you find another fashionista in the game’s story mode whose wardrobe wins your heart, you can give them a Like while also stealing their ensemble for yourself. And, once you become confident enough, you can even hop online to see what kinds of fashion trends other players from around the globe are setting.

Although it might not share the same name as Nintendo’s breakout fashion franchise, Fashion Dreamer looks to keep its spirit and atmosphere alive for those who have been longing for another trip down the catwalk. And if you ask us, games that attempt to appeal to a broader audience while bringing us experiences outside the norm are always in style.

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