Fallout 76’s new premium membership costs $12.99 a month

Bethesda has finally added private servers to its open-world survival game Fallout 76, but you’ll need a Fallout 1st membership to own one.

Fallout 1st is priced at $12.99 for a month, or $99.99 for a year, and includes access to Private Worlds, a Scrapbox, a Survival Tent, the Ranger Armor Outfit, and more. A complete list of everything included can be found below:

  • Private Worlds – Play in a Private World exclusively for you and up to seven friends
  • Scrapbox – Unlimited storage for crafting components in your own new Scrapbox container.
  • Survival Tent – A new placeable fast travel point with a Stash, Sleeping Bag, and more for your basic needs.
  • Atoms – Receive 1,650 Atoms per month to use in the Atomic Shop.
  • Ranger Armor Outfit – An iconic Fallout outfit, exclusively for members.
  • Icons and Emotes Pack – Unique icons and emotes, available only to members.

Members will be able to load into their own Private World with up to seven friends. However, only the owner of the Private World needs to be a Fallout 1st member.

“Should the owner of the private world leave, the world will still stay active as long as one other player in the world is a Fallout 1st member,” Bethesda adds.

More information about the Fallout 1st membership can be found here.

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