Fallout 76 Season 4 Scoreboard rewards revealed

Bethesda has offered a preview of the rewards that will be available from Fallout 76’s upcoming Armor Ace in Cold Steel Scoreboard.

When the season gets underway next week, players will be able to work their way through a new Scoreboard that features 100 ranks of rewards. As players progress, Armor Ace and the Power Patrol will go toe-to-toe with Commissioner Chaos and his rogue band of robots, the Yukon Five. 

The rewards on offer this season include Mannequins, which players can use to show off their favorite outfits at C.A.M.P., and Tadpole Badges that can be traded in at a Pioneer Scouts Vending Machine for Scout-themed items. Additionally, players can pick up the Nuka-Cola Collectron, weapon skins, new C.A.M.P. objects, and more. Check out the list of upcoming rewards, courtesy of Bethesda, below:

  • Mannequins – Flaunt some of your favorite outfits with a set of male and female Mannequins for your C.A.M.P.
  • Power Armor – Align yourself with Commissioner Chaos by stepping into Yukon Five themed Power Armor paints.
  • Weapon Skins – Strike fear into your foes with the Death’s Breath Flamer Skin. You’ll also be able to earn new paints for the Gatling Plasma, Lever Action Rifle, and more.
  • C.A.M.P. Objects – Farm your very own Honey with the new Beehive. Then, dazzle your visitors with the Tree Branch Chandelier, new Wallpapers, Floors, and even a Gold Toilet!
  • Nuka-Cola Collectron – With this new bot in your CAMP, you won’t need to spend any more time scavenging the Wasteland for a refreshing Nuka-Cola.
  • Backpack Flairs – Show off your love for the Power Patrol by decorating your backpack with action figures of your favorite characters.
  • Tadpole Badges – Fill your Tadpole Scout Sash with even more badges by ranking up, and then turn them in at a Pioneer Scouts Vending Machine to claim Scout-themed rewards.
  • Sugar-Free Nukashine – All the benefits of everyone’s favorite party beverage, with none of the syrupy aftertaste (or sudden memory loss)!
  • Carry Weight Booster – Take a swig of this buffed up brew to carry an additional 50 pounds for 30 minutes.

Joining the above rewards are the usual consumables, currencies, Atoms, perks, and Card Packs found on previous Scoreboards. Finally, Fallout 1st members can claim some exclusive rewards by reaching Scoreboard milestones.

Fallout 76’s fourth season, Armor Ace in Cold Steel, begins April 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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