Earn a new legendary skin in Overwatch’s Mercy’s Recall challenge

The Mercy’s Recall Challenge is now live in Overwatch, offering players the chance to earn new sprays, icons, and a legendary skin.

During the event, players can earn a player icon, two sprays, and the Dr. Ziegler legendary skin for Mercy by winning games in Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade. A full list of rewards can be found below:

  • Win Three Games – Dr. Ziegler Player Icon
  • Win Six Games – Lab Coat and Evaluation Sprays
  • Win Nine Games – Legendary Dr. Ziegler Mercy Skin

In addition to the above rewards, players can pick up six more sprays by watching participating streams on Twitch. The rewards available include:

  • Watch Two Hours – On the Clock Spray
  • Watch Four Hours – Healing Touch and Hanan Sprays
  • Watch Six Hours – Suit Fitting, Late Night, and Ascent Sprays.

The Mercy’s Recall Challenge will be live until December 2nd.

In other Overwatch-related news, Blizzard recently unveiled Overwatch 2. The upcoming sequel will feature PvE story missions, co-op Hero Missions, a new mode called Push, new heroes, and more.

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