EA Play Live is moving to July

Electronic Arts has announced that EA Play Live is happening on July 22nd this year, marking a major shift for the publisher.

Usually, EA Play takes place a couple of days before E3, though that changed last year when E3 was cancelled. EA Play Live 2020 still happened in early June, but it didn’t precede E3.

What’s interesting to note is that E3 is back this year, but EA is still happening a month later. Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Take-Two are all showing up to E3 2021. Is EA trying to further distance itself from the annual video game convention?

As far as what we expect to see at EA Play Live 2021, we’ve got the usual suspects in Madden and FIFA. We’re expecting a large chunk of the show to center around the next Battlefield following its June reveal. We’re not sure what Star Wars games we’ll see, but an announcement for Jedi: Fallen Order II is possible.

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