Does Xbox plan to launch ad-supported Game Pass? Survey says maybe

Microsoft has sent out surveys to gauge interest in a cheaper, ad-supported version of Xbox Game Pass, according to a recent report.

As spotted by VGC (via Eurogamer), ResetEra user shared a screenshot of a Spanish-language survey that reportedly shows Microsoft asking whether players would be interested in a €3 monthly Game Pass subscription. Pretty cheap, right? (A euro is currently worth 1.06 US dollars.) Well, the catch is that the €3 tier would not only feature ads, but subscribers would have to wait six months before getting access to Microsoft’s first-party games.

The survey also asks about a family plan that would get up to five users access to all of Game Pass’ amenities for €22 a month, which Microsoft has already launched in Ireland and Colombia.

If Microsoft does decide to offer an ad-supported Game Pass, it will be interesting to see how it plans on integrating the ads. Will they pop up during your play session? Will you have to take ad-supported breaks? Maybe you’ll have to watch a certain number of ads before the game even starts.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Xandr (via Fast Company), a “data-enabled technology platform powering a global marketplace for premium advertising,” shows that it’s looking at more way to draw in advertisers. Offering Game Pass as another platform for ads makes sense in that regard. Reports earlier this year indicated that both Sony and Microsoft are looking at ways to integrate ads in game.

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