Xbox officially confirms Game Pass Friends & Family plan

Xbox has officially confirmed the existence of a new Game Pass Friends & Family, but it’s only available in two countries so far.

Specifically, Colombia and the Republic of Ireland are the first two countries to get to test out the new plan, which lets up to five accounts share Game Pass Ultimate benefits. That includes all of the games available on Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud, as well as an EA Play membership.

The plan costs a monthly fee of 21.99 euros in Ireland and 49,900 COP in Colombia. A primary account holder is responsible for payment, but they also have control over which four friends have access to Game Pass. Xbox has published an FAQs page with all the nitty-gritty details.

There’s no word yet on if or when Xbox plans to make Game Pass Friends & Family available in other countries. If pricing in the U.S. were to stay consistent with Ireland, it would only cost a few more dollars a month to share Game Pass with friends and family.

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