Destiny 2’s Iron Banner returns next week

Bungie revealed during its latest This Week at Bungie post that Lord Saladin will be returning to the Tower next week.

The latest iteration of Iron Banner begins on October 15th and will run until October 22nd. During the event, players will be able to earn the new Iron Will armor set.

The developer also outlined a few changes that it has made to how rewards are earned in this Iron Banner. This time around, a new Season pursuit has been introduced that must be completed before tokens can be turned into Lord Saladin. The pursuit is character-based and rewards the new Iron Will armor set.

Until this pursuit is completed, all Iron Banner rewards will be weapons and come from completing matches and bounties. As well as this, the current seven Iron Banner bounties that granted powerful rewards have been changed to pinnacle rewards. However, only four of these bounties will be available during each event.

Finally, Bungie noted that the recent server-side changes made to heavy ammo spawn timers in Control will not be featured in this Iron Banner. These changes will be made via an update before the next Iron Banner begins, according to the developer.

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