Bungie adjusts heavy ammo spawns in Destiny 2’s Crucible

Bungie has deployed a server-side update for Destiny 2 that makes adjustments to the frequency of heavy ammo spawns in Crucible modes.

Following the update, the rate at which heavy ammo spawns in Control has been increased to every 120 seconds after the initial spawn from 60 seconds. However, the initial spawn timer of 45 seconds remains unchanged.

While in Clash and Supremacy, the initial spawn has been increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds and then every 120 seconds from 60 seconds.

Bungie added that it also plans to adjust the rate at which heavy ammo spawns in 3v3 Survival, but is unable to do so via a server-side update. These changes will instead be made via a full update coming later this month.

“Survival will soon have heavy ammo spawn in at 60 seconds and then again 60 seconds later just as the tiebreaker objective spawns,” Bungie explained in a forum post. “It is currently spawning in at 30 seconds and then every 60 seconds. The amount of heavy ammo granted will be reduced to match the amounts in Elimination and the 6v6 modes. We saw a lot of feedback about making heavy one round or being removed but wanted to make sure there was still an incentive for players to maintain map control and not camp at the edge of the map once they have a life advantage. We will continue to monitor feedback on these changes.”

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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