Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion delayed almost two months

Bungie has announced that it will delay the launch of Destiny 2‘s next major expansion, Beyond Light, until November 10th. Previously, the content had been scheduled to arrive on September 22nd.

In a blog post announcing the decision, Bungie attributed the delay to difficulties adjusting to work-from-home arrangements as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The past few months have been a challenge and will continue to be during this pandemic,” the studio writes. “We’ve learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another. Despite these hurdles, we’re still committed to the same level of quality that our fans expect.” The added time, Bungie says, will allow it to deliver “the coolest, most entertaining expansion we can possibly make.”

Bungie also confirmed that the delay means the current content season, the Season of Arrivals, will extend past its planned end date until the start of November. The developer will share more about what that means, in practical terms, “over the coming weeks.”

Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion will see Guardians traveling to Jupiter’s moon Europa to do battle with the Fallen Kell of Darkness, Eramis, and her dark empire. Notably, players will be able to wield new powers fueled by the game’s nebulous evil force, Darkness, via three new subclasses.

There’s no word on whether this delay will push back plans for the future Destiny 2 expansions Bungie announced earlier this year: 2021’s The Witch Queen and 2022’s Lightfall.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Stadia.

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