Desperados III update adds four more Baron’s Challenges

THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games have pushed a new update live for Desperados III that introduces a fresh batch of Baron’s Challenges.

This latest batch of challenges tasks players with identifying guards in a crowd of doppelgangers, hunting a target in a crowded marketplace, and using a cat, dog, and chicken to rescue Doc McCoy. More details about each challenge, courtesy of publisher THQ Nordic, can be found below:

  • Three Men with No Name: Where is Waldo? Identify three specific guards among the crowd of supposed doppelgangers on the map – and kill them!
  • Bear Trap Triplets: We all know how much Hector loves his little Bianca. One can only imagine what he could do with three of them… why not put it to a test?
  • Best Served Cold: Some poor guy didn’t know who the Baron was and cheated him. The Baron wants him found in a crowded market place and brought to the docks – dead or alive.
  • Rescue Aid Society: Alas! Doc McCoy is being held prisoner in the Bayous. Isabelle’s cat Stella, a dog, and a chicken have formed a special animal commando to rescue the Doc.

Today’s update also improves the overall stability of the game and fixes a number of Showdown Mode issues.

Desperados III is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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