Desperados III and Destroy All Humans! demos now available on PC

Demos for Desperados III and the upcoming Destroy All Humans! remake are now available to download from GOG.

The demo for Mimimi Games’ hardcore tactical stealth title lets players experience two missions from the beginning of the game. The first teaches the basics as a young John Cooper accompanies his father on a bounty hunting mission, while the second teams John up with Doc McCoy as they attempt to stop a train robbery. According to the demo’s description, players can expect around 90-120 minutes of playtime.

The Destroy All Humans! demo includes the opening area of Turnipseed Farm and an Abducto-challenge mission that tasks players with feeding the giant abduction beam to help the Furons study life on Earth. Players will get around 20-30 minutes of playtime out of the demo, according to the description.

Desperados III launches June 16th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with Destroy All Humans! set to follow on July 28th for the same platforms.

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