Crema plans to bring Temtem to consoles in spring 2021

Crema has revealed that it is currently targeting spring 2021 for the console release of its massively multiplayer creature collector Temtem.

According to the developer, the plan is to have both cross-platform play and cross-save support in place for the console launch, but there are a couple of hurdles in the way. In terms of cross-play, the developer stated that it is “technically simply to achieve,” but it’s up to the platform holders.

While cross-save is more difficult, as it requires a way of joining all platform accounts into a single one and the game currently doesn’t have a custom login system. However, Crema is “pretty confident” that it can offer cross-save support.

In addition to the console release, Crema’s mid-term plans for the game include a Trading House, a second iteration of ranked matchmaking with leagues and seasons, a new end-game island, and a standalone Nuzlocke game mode that will see a Temtem get permanently released if it is knocked out.

The roadmap also mentioned the introduction of a cosmetic store that will be introduced around version 1.0 to help cover the game’s costs. Exact details about the store have not been finalized, but the developer promised that it will not sell any pay2win or pay2skip items such as Temtems, stat booster, and experience boosters.

Yesterday, Crema went over its short-term plans for the early access version on PC, which include the introduction of ranked matchmaking, two new islands, new Temtem, an in-game chat system, and more.

Temtem is available now in early access on PC and will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in spring 2021.

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