Temtem’s roadmap includes ranked matchmaking, player housing, more

Temtem developer Crema has released a short-term roadmap for its massively multiplayer creator collector.

Before getting into the roadmap itself, the developer warned players that all of the information in it “is not 100% confirmed” and that the planned dates are not set in stone.

“Please, keep in mind that every detail discussed here is not 100% confirmed for the game,” the developer wrote. “During the game’s development cycle, ideas change constantly and stuff we like today we might not like as much tomorrow. So take everything in here not as confirmed facts, but more like the stuff we would like to include in the game.”

First up for spring 2020 is the introduction of ranked matchmaking. The first version of ranked will use a player rating system based on ELO called the Tamer Matchmaking Rating and will see players completing a selection of placement matches to determine their initial TMR. Players will then be matched based on their TMR.

Connected to this is auto-scaling for Temtems in ranked matchmaking. Auto-scaling will increase a Temtem’s SVs to 50 and their level to the maximum of 48 when taking part in ranked matchmaking only.

“With auto-scaling, players will still need to capture and organize their teams, set their preferred TV spread using fruits or training, obtain the necessary gears completing the main or side quests in the game and breeding for their desired egg techniques. But, players won’t need to grind for perfect SVs or spend a fortune breeding to reach that point,” Crema added.

Also planned to release in spring 2020 are a revamped in-game chat system, chat bubbles, and club management options.

Looking further ahead to summer 2020, players can look forward to a new island to explore called Kisiwa, 25 new Temtem to obtain, the introduction of climbing gear, more emotes, and player housing.

According to the developer, Temtem will offer unlimited housing plots and players will be able to decorate their house using furniture bought or earned in-game. To begin with, houses will be purely decorative, but the plan is to introduce useful furniture in the future, such as an incubator, jukebox, and more.

The final part of the short-term roadmap covers fall 2020 and includes another new island, 25 more Temtem, the first mythical Temtem, in-game tournaments, a quest diary, and achievements.

Temtem is available now on PC via Steam Early Access.

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