Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Tech Test begins

Relic Entertainment is offering a final chance to try Company of Heroes 3 ahead of its release next month through a Multiplayer Tech Test.

Players can request access to the test on the game’s Steam page. Participants have access to eight different multiplayer maps set in both Italy and North Africa across 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. There’s also the chance to try out Skirmish vs AI, Annihilation Mode, and Custom Games. 

The aim of this Tech Test is to check match performance, logins, matchmaking, client stability, and bug reporting.

“Your feedback during this test is critical. Though the game is essentially ready for launch, your feedback on your experience – everything from faction balance to units to systems and more – will help inform fixes and patches in the first few weeks and months of the game’s life,” the developer added in a forum post. “This will also help us iterate on quality-of-life improvements, feature priorities, future iterations of gameplay elements and content.”

Company of Heroes 3 launches on February 23rd for PC.

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