Check out Overwatch 2’s newest character, Junker Queen, in action

After being teased for years now, Junker Queen is finally coming to Overwatch by way of the upcoming Overwatch 2. And now, Blizzard has released a new video showing more of the character in action.

As a bit of a surprise, Junker Queen actually fills the roll of a tank, with the developer saying that she “has an unparalleled ability to claim space, and she is terrifying to deal with up close. She’s brawly, toeing the line of a berserker tank, and we were cognizant of that in this new tank paradigm.”

To facilitate that, in case you missed her introduction, here’s a quick rundown of Junker Queen’s kit:

  • Weapon: Scattergun
  • Passive: Adrenaline Rush – Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds
  • Ability: Jagged Blade – Quick Melee wounds enemies, dealing damage over time (passive); Throw your blade, then re-activate to return it (active)
  • Ability: Commanding Shout – Increase health by 200 and nearby allies health by 100; Increase movement speed by 30%
  • Ability: Carnage – Swing your axe to wound all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time
  • Ultimate: Rampage – Charge forward. Wound enemies, dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed

If you’re curious to get an early look at the future of Overwatch, Blizzard is opening up a beta test to both console and PC players on June 28.

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