Changes made to Rocket League’s Season 1 challenges

Psyonix has announced a couple of changes for Rocket League’s Season 1 challenges to make them much easier to complete.

First is an adjustment to the “Make it to the Quarter-Finals in 4 Psyonix scheduled Tournaments” challenge. From today, this challenge now only requires players to play in four Psyonix tournaments to complete it. Players who have made progress in this challenge already will see their progress carried over to the new version with one quarter-final reached equalling one tournament played in.

The second challenge that has been changed required players to get 200 assists in Online Matches. Psyonix has now changed this challenge to only require 50 assists. Players who have over 50 assists toward this challenge will only need to get one more to complete it.

Finally, the developer noted that it has heard player feedback regarding tournaments and is “working on some capacity and scheduling changes.”

In other news, Psyonix recently revealed that it is working on a 120 FPS Performance Mode for Rocket League on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This new mode is scheduled to arrive later this year.

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